Transport and Road Safety

The road network through the village of Cockerham is generally in good condition and maintained to an acceptable standard. Improvements in traffic calming measures on the road at all the entrances to the village have recently been completed and generally welcomed as a step forward.

Excess speed of motor vehicles and the high number of heavy goods vehicles are major concerns for most residents. There is an on-going campaign to extend the 40 MPH speed restriction on the A588 to encompass Marsh Close to the west of Cockerham, this is seen as a priority for road safety before a major accident occurs.

Restricting the quantity of substantial merchandise vehicles going through the town is thought to be a thought when taking a gander at arranging matters inside the town.

A regular bus service operates through the village at various times during the week with a reduced service on a Sunday. The quality and standard of the service appears to be of concern to some residents who use the service regularly.

Car parks are seen as adequate for both local residents and visitors to the village. Being in good repair and of a size to cater for most events, means this had little concern highlighted from the consultation document.

Transport Transport

Almost 90% of respondents from the Cockerham Parish Plan consultation have access to a motor vehicle. Most residents who travel to work have only relatively short distances to travel, with a total of just under 9% of residents travelling more than 32 miles. It should be noted approximately 41% of respondents to the survey DO NOT travel to paid work or are retired.

The largest majority, 52% use a car or van to travel to work. Bus, coach or minibuses are used by less than 7%.

98 people (approx 50%) requested a more frequent public transport facility and over 31% asked for better information on time of services available.

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